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Human bodies induce hemostasis only when the wound is above a certain size, which involves variable coagulation factors. Hemophilia is a disease which occurs when a factor is lacking, and normally the lacking factor is administered as a symptomatic treatment. However, the effect of blood clotting factor is inhibited by the Cascade reaction of the antibodies. Furthermore, in terms of artificial implementation, it is difficult to reproduce the non-linear response that changes when the reaction occurs near the threshold as in human bodies.
Here, our team developed a non-linear responsive coagulation system which results in the aggregation of beads only when it detects a signal strand above a certain level by using PEN DNA toolbox, an amplification system using three kinds of enzymes under the mild conditions. Also, in this system, the threshold of signal detection can be controlled by tuning the concentration of enzymes, input strands and inhibitors.
Our project contributes not only to the reproduction of a non-linear mechanism of hemostasis but also to the innovation of a new treatment of Hemophilia.