Swarm Robotics consists of simple robots and their communication system, and it is gathering attention for its flexibility and adaptability to environment which cannot be achieved by one robot.
Here, we aim to develop a nano-scale swarm robot which can amplify the target DNAs under the isothermal condition and detect them by the logic gate.
In conventional DNA amplification, high temperature cycles are necessary to obtain enough amount of DNA. However, high temperature cycles are inconvenient in vivo nor in vitro in some cases, because of cell damage and enzyme deactivation. On the other hand, isothermal amplification and sensing enables us to detect DNAs without these problems. Moreover, isothermal amplification is the reaction at constant temperature; this is preferable from the viewpoint of energy consumption.
Additionally, the way the signal is increased is also the novelty. There are two steps of increase. The first step is the amplification of the DNA by PEN DNA toolbox. The second step is aggregation of beads. Through these processes, we can detect even low concentration of DNA.
As described above, our objective nano-scale swarm robot is highly efficient because of its isothermal amplification and high sensitivity.